I spent 25 years of my professional broadcasting career working as a Morning Radio Host in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Norfolk and Charlotte. I have also been lucky enough to craft a handsome career working as an actor in Television & Film. For my entire career, I have worked as a voiceover artist, have acted as spokesperson for hundreds of clients, and for thousands of products & services around the world.

For many years, I dabbled in short films, until one day I decided to take my first self-published book, Discovering Grace, and turn it into a screenplay. After raising the funding, and hiring all the crew, I was lucky enough to turn my dream into the successful independent film, Chasing Grace. It sold quickly and can be seen on a number of streaming services like: Netflix and AmazonPrime, and in over 100 countries around the world.

Now, in what I call my “Chapter Three,” I am fortunate to be writing thrillers full-time. My Carter Matheson Thriller Series features a retired special ops assassin who is hired by a covert government group to solve problems by hunting down bad men. The series includes: Lucky Strikes, Behind The 8 Ball, and Knuckle Down.

My character, Detective Pat Norelli, is a rookie detective with beauty, brains and a ballsy attitude. The Poser was first in the series, and The Impostor is the sequel. Lastly, if you enjoy psychological thrillers along the lines of Silence of the Lambs, please consider my standalone novel, Devour, available now. My wife Tammy and I live outside San Diego.